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  • By Kathy Burnam
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December 23 2019

I’m writing this letter to thank you for the your time and training. I got out of the military on May of 2017. I have had about two jobs since and it was not something I wanted to pursue. I was looking into taking guard training through an application called EventBrite when I saw something for veterans. When I opened up the link it took me to the main site of Veterans Transition Support (VTS). It was there that I saw the many opportunities this organization has to offer vets. From guard training to OSHA training they have a support team that is set in place to not just place you in a job but to make sure you qualify for that job. I can honestly say that the job I have today is through the help of VTS. Even now that I have this job they have followed through to make sure I was on my feet and to offer more help and insight in future promotions/job opportunities. Thank you VTS for your time specially during this time of year. Until the next training!

Edwin S

Edwin S.