Veterans Transition Support 501(c)3 Non profit Top Rated Award 2023    

WHO WE ARE: Veterans Transition Support (VTS) is an ALL VOLUNTEER  nonprofit organization based in San Diego County, California. Our core mission is to provide vital assistance to transitioning service members and veterans as they navigate the challenging journey from military life to civilian life. We understand that this transition can be incredibly challenging, and for many veterans, it can lead to unemployment, homelessness, depression, marital issues, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a range of other physical, emotional, and financial challenges. It is our solemn duty to address these issues and provide a lifeline for those who have served our nation. Tragically, statistics show that 22 veterans per day take their own lives, often due to a lack of timely and effective support. For many veterans, the struggle persists even decades after their discharge from the military. At VTS, we stand as the bridge that fills the gaps left by the military experience. We do this through our Military Reintegration Program, which brings veterans together to support and mentor one another. Our program includes veteran-instructed certification courses, Veterans Career Management Workshops, and Veterans Business Networking Mixers. These initiatives serve to connect veterans and military personnel with fellow veterans who work within companies and hiring managers actively seeking to employ them. Our organization is driven by the belief that veterans should not have to face the challenges of civilian life alone. By offering mentorship, training, and networking opportunities, we aim to empower veterans and provide them with the resources they need to transition successfully. Through VTS, we strive to honor the service of our veterans by ensuring they have the support and guidance required to thrive in their civilian lives.

Photo of Veterans Transition Support Non Profit in San Diego Military Transition Training Course on Camp Pendleton Base.

WHAT WE DO: Veterans Transition Support’s (VTS) mission is to bridge the gap between the civilian workforce and our transitioning military service members and veterans before they experience transition road-blocks. VTS ensures our military service members reintegrate back into civilian life and the civilian workforce into careers suitable for their level of military experience and economic sustainability. This is achieved by providing service members with effective tools to translate their military experience into recognizable civilian job skills, civilian certifications to transfer military experience into its civilian counterpart, identifying needed training to fill skill gaps and one on one mentoring in  four critical areas required to sustain a successful transition: Career Development, Cultural Adaptation, Obtaining VA Benefits and Education Planning. The VTS goal is to seamlessly transition all military personnel who enter the Veterans Transition Support program prior to leaving military service through individual mentoring, career management, counseling, and weekend and evening programs that close skill gaps and provide networking opportunities with civilian hiring managers.

WHY OUR WORK MATTERS: Veterans Transition Support (VTS) is on a mission to ensure a smooth and successful transition for our military service members and veterans as they journey from the military into civilian life. We are committed to bridging the gap between the unique experiences of our service members and the demands of the civilian workforce, with the ultimate aim of preventing the roadblocks and challenges that can arise during this transition. Our dedication lies in helping military service members reintegrate into civilian life and secure careers that align with their level of military expertise, ensuring economic sustainability. This mission is achieved through a multifaceted approach:

  1. Effective Skill Translation: VTS equips service members with the tools they need to translate their military experience into recognizable civilian job skills. We understand the importance of making military expertise easily transferable to the civilian job market.
  2. Civilian Certifications: We assist service members in obtaining civilian certifications that reflect their military experience, making it easier for them to enter civilian careers.
  3. Skill Gap Identification: VTS identifies skill gaps and provides necessary training to bridge those gaps. Our goal is to ensure that service members are well-prepared for their chosen civilian careers.
  4. One-on-One Mentoring: We provide invaluable one-on-one mentoring in four critical areas: Career Development, Cultural Adaptation, Obtaining VA Benefits, and Education Planning. These pillars serve as essential components of a successful transition.

Our ultimate objective is to facilitate a seamless transition for all military personnel who engage with the Veterans Transition Support program before leaving military service. We accomplish this through personalized mentoring, comprehensive career management, counseling services, and flexible weekend and evening programs designed to close skill gaps and foster networking opportunities with civilian hiring managers. At VTS, we are passionate about ensuring that our service members and veterans have the support and resources they need to embark on a new chapter of their lives with confidence and success. Our mission is to empower them to thrive in the civilian workforce and contribute their valuable skills and experiences to our society.


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