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Hi Russel, Just wanted to let you know I accepted a job as a tower climber position in Colorado. They offered me a hourly rate higher than offered because of my OSHA 10 certification and said it helped me beat out other candidates. The best part is the card hadn't even arrived in the mail yet and it was helping me. Thanks again for your great course   Chason L. USN (Chason L. USN)

I'm writing this letter to thank you for the your time and training. I got out of the military on May of 2017. I have had about two jobs since and it was not something I wanted to pursue. I was looking into taking guard training through an application called EventBrite when I saw something for veterans. When I opened up the link it took me to the main site of Veterans Transition Support (VTS). It was there that I saw the many opportunities this organization has to offer vets. From guard training to OSHA training they have a support team that is set in place to not just place you in a job but to make sure you qualify for that job. I can honestly say that the job I have today is through the help of VTS. Even now that I have this job they have followed through to make sure I was on my feet and to offer more help and insight in future promotions/job opportunities. Thank you VTS for your time specially during this time of year. Until the next training!

    Edwin S. (Edwin S.)

Good evening,

I just wanted to thank you both for letting me be part your Safety classes program. I took your OSHA Construction and OSHA General Industry Safety 30 Hour and 10 Hour courses back in 2018. I left the Navy on 3/2/19 and thanks to those safety cards and your teachings I was able to secure a job with Thyssenkrupp elevators- as a fleet superintendent-service my starting date was 2/14/2020.

Thank you,
Gabriel G.   Gabriel G.- USN (February 19 2020)

Hello Russell,

Hope all is going well with you and the training classes! Since I
completed training, I used my 30 hour training to the fullest extent
within my company. I am now  part of the Safety Committee within my
department and will be attending the Safety Conference being held in
Las Vegas this summer (all expense paid trip for 6 days)! Who knew
that a small addition to my resume could add so much towards my career
goals while also allowing me to rub shoulders with upper management at
the same time. I appreciate the training provided by your organization
and hope to attend the Lean 6 Sigma training soon! My department just
held an all hands on meeting and mentioned incorporating it within our
organization. Most of my peers did not have a clue what that was or
what it meant, but I see it as an opportunity to lead my department in
this initiative!


Sergio G.   Sergio G - (March 17 2020)

Hi Russell,
Thanks for the excellent course from last week - it was very informative and provided some helpful resources!
Thanks,   Luther G 02/05/2018 (USMC 04 Retired)

I wanted to get back to you as I realized I never did. I want to thank you and all your volunteers for the time and services that you provided. I was able to find a great job in Carlsbad CA as a network engineer. I attribute this partly to you and your team of volunteers. Your OSHA Class, LEAN class, and overall professional guidance proved to be invaluable to obtaining employment. It has become clear to me that it is not about any one certification or class but the whole picture that one can paint with the collection of all of these. I want you to know that everything you do for us is greatly appreciated!

    Cody A. (USMC)

Hello Russell,
My name is Toby K. and I attended the OSHA 10-Hour class this past weekend.
First off, I wanted to thank you for sponsoring this class for the benefit of active duty military, veterans, retirees and spouses. This OSHA class, as well as the extra information for home loans, additional resources, employment and education, will help many of us to be competitive in the civilian world and be better informed about opportunities that sometimes do not get passed down or is poorly communicated.
Lastly, I'd like to inquire about volunteering to help with events such as these. It was more than just an OSHA class; it was an event that provided information for many things, at many levels, to improve the quality of life for those of us who served.    Toby K, (USMC Retired)

I just really wanted to thank you for all your time, dedication and passion that you give us veterans. You're a true inspiration and shining light in arguably the most tenuous and stressful time for veterans.
Your work matters!!!   Ron V. (US Navy)

I am really thankful to have met you. From the classes, VA rating, and the career help has taken me a long way. It's been life changing for me.


    Daniel F (USAF Veteran)

Thank you for your time, and what you've been doing with helping us all to do what we're trained to do and still get to do in the real world.   Eduardo S. (01-26-2017)