30 Jan
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No Cost Career Matching Program

No Cost Career Match Training Program

The No Cost Career Match Training Program is open to ALL Veterans, Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, National Guard, Military Spouses, and Base Staff The Veterans Transition Support “No Cost Career Match Training Program” is an instructional method that matches your strengths, personal preferences, job criteria and income need to a career direction that will achieve your goals. This “Career Match Training Program” is covered in 2 sessions that is followed by one-on-one coaching for a resume and cover letter targeted specifically for the career opportunity you have chosen with an additional option for one-on-one interview preparation. Participants in both sessions will be provided one-on-one assistance to prepare a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation for the career direction of their choice.

Session 1 focuses on developing your job preferences, job criteria and career direction with practical application of a resume and cover letter for positions that any
veteran can apply for.

Session 2  will focus on current best practices in resume writing, networking, interview preparation, LinkedIn and targeted job searching to maximize your opportunities by working smarter, not harder.